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cubeless – your speed cube shop

We, from the cubeless team, welcome you to our online shop for speed cubes. Waiting for you are a select range of different speed cubes, shape mods and matching accessories by brands such as MoYu, GAN or QiYi. Whether you are a beginner or pro, we have the right speed cube for you.

Thanks to our warehouse in Switzerland, your new cube will arrive and be ready for you to test in the shortest time possible. Our team is fully committed to offering you the best possible shopping experience.

Our speed cube assortment

In our online shop, you can buy many different speed cubes. With stickers or without, with magnets or without, low or higher-priced, from the classic 3x3 speed cubes to Megaminx and unusual shape mods. Our goal: From beginner to pro, there should be something for everyone in our speed cube shop. We deliver the right products for you to improve your skills and reach new personal bests.

Speed cubes – a success story

The 3x3 cube caused an unrivalled amount of hype in the 1980s, capturing the imagination of millions. The first world championship was held in Budapest as early as 1982. Back then, the world record for solving a 3x3 cube was 22.95 seconds. No further official competitions were held for the next two decades, and during this time the popularity of the cube began to wane significantly. The founding of the World Cube Association (WCA) in 2003 and competitions held from then on sparked a revival. Suddenly, the classic cube wasn’t the only cube on the market. New companies began to specialise in the manufacturing of speed cubes that were easier and faster to turn. Today, the world record for the 3x3 cube stands at an unbelievable 3.47 seconds.