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How do magnetic and non-magnetic speed cubes differ from one another?

Magnetic speed cubes have the following advantages compared to non-magnetic cubes:
  • Improved stability
  • Less overshooting and underturning
  • Overall improved rotation feel
Magnets in a speed cube generally ensure that the layers can be aligned more precisely. But many speedcubers are divided over whether or not magnetic speed cubes have a positive effect on performance. Some say that they achieve better solving times, while others are convinced that the magnets essentially only affect the stability of the cube.
Please keep in mind: If you are struggling with precise turns using a non-magnetic cube, a magnetic cube will only help you slightly. In that case, we recommend you work on your technique. ✌️

As a beginner, do I need a magnetic speed cube?

No, not necessarily. As a beginner, you can start just as well with a non-magnetic cube. However, some beginners appreciate the improved stability of a magnetic cube.

Are there differences when it comes to magnetic cubes?

Yes, there are. Some speed cubes have fixed magnets, while others have magnets with adjustable positions to regulate the strength. Then there are, for example, cubes with interchangeable magnets that allow you to adjust the magnetisation to your preferences. So, there are a number of differences within the magnetic cube category. You can find information about the specific type of magnetisation in the product descriptions.

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Are you specifically looking for cubes that are magnetic or non-magnetic? With the cubeless product finder, you can quickly find your perfect match. The product finder lists all cubes and their accessories on a single page. There are also various filter options available to help you find your ideal cube. You can choose filters such as brand, surface, product type, magnetisation and colour.

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