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What are some cool speed cubes for the school holidays?

Hooray, the school holidays will be here soon! But what will you do with all that free time on your hands? You shouldn’t let all that brain power go to waste. We have put together a few cool suggestions to keep those little grey cells going.
Table of Contents

Get started with speedcubing

Use your spare time during the school holidays to delve into cube puzzles. Solving a 3x3 cube requires some patience and perseverance at first. But you will be rewarded with a huge sense of accomplishment once you manage to completely solve the cube! If you are not quite ready for 3x3 speed cubes, start with 2x2 cubes.
We have a number of speed cubes in our assortment that are great value for money - perfect for you to get started with speedcubing!

Aside from solving speed cubes, it is also a lot of fun to create speed cube patterns. Discover 12 exciting patterns with instructions in our guide under speed cube patterns!

Study our solutions book by QiYi

No one is born a master. Take advantage of your holidays and memorise the algorithms you will need to solve the cubes. The QiYi Secret Tutorial Book will help you. In it, you will find many possible solving sequences and step-by-step instructions. Thanks to its compact size, the book fits easily into any backpack. Perfect for travelling! You can find out how to read the instructions in our guide under speed cube notations.

Get a variety of twisty puzzles

If you are passed the beginner level, our assortment offers not only cube-shaped rotating puzzles but also shape mods, Pyraminx, Megaminx and gear cubes, which are suitable for speedcubing beginners as well as more advanced cubers. The perfect puzzles to keep practising during spring and autumn half-terms or summer holidays. Given their size, speed cubes easily fit into a beach bag for a trip to the beach or pool. Or how about an exciting pastime during a family outing in the mountains? Not a problem with ultra-light speed cubes.

Pass the time with our speed cube sets

In case you don’t want to decide on just one type of speed cube, then our speed cube sets are the ideal companions for your school holidays. How about the QiYi Luxurious Set Pyraminx, Ivy Leaf, Skewb, Megaminx or the MoYu MFJS MeiLong Carbon Fiber Non-Cubic Gift Box? With each of these sets, you will get four different cubes to keep you busy during your time off.

Take good care of your cubes

So that you can enjoy your speed cubes longer and don’t scratch them in your bag when you are out and about, we recommend our storage bag. Your cubes will stay safe and protected in this bag during holiday trips to the beach, mountains, or the pool but also at home.
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storage pouch for speed cubes, blue
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Our tip for teachers: A great gift idea for the school holidays

If you are a teacher and would like to give the children something useful to do during the school holidays, then we have some interesting speed cube bundles for you. The bundles provide you with enough speed cubes for the pupils in your class and allow you to take advantage of the price savings.

Go to all speed cube bundles

By the way: Holding a competition after the summer holidays with the prospect of great prizes will provide an additional boost to the children’s motivation!