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Which speed cubes are suitable for advanced players?

Did you work your way through the huge assortment of Pyraminx, Skewbs, 2x2x3 cubes, as well as the 2x2 and 3x3 speed cubes with less complex solution algorithms? Then we welcome you to the advanced cubers. Now you are ready for larger and more complex speed cubes and twisty puzzles. Do you already feel your fingers tingle with anticipation? We will show you which cubes we have available for advanced cubers.
Table of Contents

Speed cube types for advanced cubers

As an advanced cuber, you are very familiar with the world of algorithms. Your knowledge will be put to the test with these cubes:

What a huge selection! Below, we will introduce you to the suggested cubes according to their shapes and features.

The next level: Gear Cubes

Is solving the original 3x3 speed cubes a bit of a snoozefest? Then we suggest the Gear Cubes first. Instead of cubelets, Gear Cubes have nifty gears. Watch your fingers! As a result, many parts of this twisty puzzle move at the same time and you will have to think further ahead than with the original magic cubes. Rumour has it, that Gear Cubes are easier to solve than standard 3x3 speed cubes. Do you agree?

Cube-shaped magic cubes

In addition to the Gear Cubes, new challenges are waiting for you starting with the 4x4 magic cube. Since these speed cubes now have more than three levels, they no longer have fixed centre pieces. A new strategy is needed! Our tip: How about beginning with the middle pieces and arranging the edges last? Find out, which new strategy you want to pursue.

We carry larger speed cubes from a variety of manufacturers. However, we would like to introduce you in more detail to the cubes by MoYu MFJS and the YJ MGC cubes:

MoYu MFJS MeiLong speed cubes 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7

Particularly suitable for anyone new to the world of 4x4 to 7x7 speed cubes are the magic cubes of the MFJS series by MoYu. With these models, MoYu has brought cubes onto the market that offer very good quality at a low price and thus go easy on your budget! Perfect for trying them out!

YJ MGC speed cubes 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7

Would you like to concentrate more on speed and stability? Then we recommend you try the MGC cubes by YJ (Yongjun)! These speed cubes are very light, and the integrated magnets give them excellent stability and speed. Have fun!

MoYu MFJS Big Cubes 8x8 and 9x9

If you mastered the 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 cubes, then the Big Cubes are waiting for you. By Big Cubes, we mean cubes with 8x8 levels and bigger. True pro cubes! We carry 8x8 and 9x9 cubes by the brands YuXin, Shengshou and MoFang JiaoShi (abbreviated MFJS), the budget-friendly line from MoYu. We also have larger cubes such as 10x10 and 11x11 speed cubes in our assortment. You can find them in our speed cubes for pros
These speed cubes for advanced cubers are very lightweight and smaller than those of other brands, making them very comfortable to hold and easy to control.
We think these characteristics make the MFJS cubes the ideal cubes among the Big Cubes. Due to their low weight and smaller mass, the MoYu speed cubes are very popular with experienced cubers. Are you ready to tackle the Big Cubes?

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speed cube, stickerless
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speed cube, stickerless
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Magic cubes in the shape of pyramids and dodecahedrons

Cubes for speed-solving don’t necessarily have to be cube-shaped. Add variety to your collection with the Pyraminx and Megaminx!

The Master Pyraminx with four levels

Pyraminx with three levels are usually suitable for beginners. Pyraminx with four levels are more difficult to solve. That’s why we recommend them for advanced cubers.
As is the case with magic cubes with more levels, you also have to follow a new strategy with the four-level Master Pyraminx. Go on, give the QiYi Master Pyraminx a go!

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Pyraminx cube, stickerless
1 pc. 16.90 CHF ea.*

Even more complex: Megaminx, Kilominx and Gigaminx

These special cubes differ in shape from other rotating puzzles. They have 12 faces in the shape of pentagons. The Megaminx is an interesting entry into this category. It is based on the principle of the 3x3 cube. The five other sides make these twisty puzzles very complex. However, you can use similar strategies and algorithms here as you would for the regular 2x2 and 3x3 speed cubes.

The Megaminx is not complicated enough for you? Alright, let us take it up a notch and offer you the Master Kilominx and the 5x5 Gigaminx by Shengshou, a modification of the 3x3 Megaminx! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

As you can see: The range of speed cubes for advanced players has (almost) no limits. In case you want to take it easy now and then, the shape mods and cuboids are also suitable for advanced cubers!

Shape-shifting puzzles: Shape Mods

If you find the regular shapes of the magic cubes, Pyraminx and Megaminx too boring, then shape-shifting puzzles are the right thing for you! Shape mods look harmless in their solved form but quickly change into a wild contorted structure after the first turn. The goal is to return these special magic cubes to their original shape. Not an easy task!

How about tackling the Shengshou Mastermorphix or the QiYi Cylinder Cube 3x3? For fans of gold and silver, we recommend the Mirror Cubes.

Still not enough mental stimulation for you?

In case our cubes for advanced players aren’t exceptional enough for you on their own, we have further suggestions for you!
Take a look at our speed cubes for pros to discover other tricky twisty puzzles. Obviously, you could also solve the speed cubes while you juggle them in the air. Or, you solve the cubes blindfolded and then with your feet. Of course, you can also create a portrait with cubes. See what that would look like in the videos below. We are curious what you will come up with!

Note from the cubeless team: The 2nd video is from 2018 but shows the simultaneous solving of the cubes with hands and feet very well.

We are constantly expanding our assortment of unusual speed cubes and exciting shape-shifting puzzles, so you will always find a wide variety of magic cubes to improve your (speed) solving skills. And if you are interested in the experiences of other speedcubers, take a look at our list of speedcubing blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels that we have compiled for you.