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Which speed cubes are suitable for pros?

First of all: We are very impressed! You climbed the speedcubing ladder all the way to the top, and after the speed cubes for beginners and the speed cubes for advanced cubers, you now want to tackle difficult speed cubes and shape mods. We’ll show you which cubes we carry in our assortment for pros like you.
Table of Contents

Speed cube types for pros

If you are a pro speedcuber, you have already mastered many sizes and shapes of speed cubes, shape mods and cuboids. That said, we still have a few twisty puzzles that will (hopefully) challenge you:

The bosses of speed cubes: Big Cubes

While the 8x8 and 9x9 speed cubes are quite suitable for advanced cubers, the 10x10 and 11x11 cubes will challenge your brain even more. Just the thing for a pro like you! As you know, the more layers a cube has, the more combinations are possible. We will spare you the number of potential turns for the 10x10 and 11x11 Big Cubes at this point.

We carry a 10x10 and an 11x11 cube from the MoFang JiaoShi brand (MFJS for short), which is MoYu's budget-friendly line. You’ll benefit from the fact, that these speed cubes are lighter and smaller than the Big Cubes of other brands. They are comfortable to hold and therefore easy to control. We also carry 10x10 cubes from the brands QiYi and Shengshou in our assortment. The special feature of the Shengshou cube: It is a pillowed cube, which means it has rounded edges. Something a little different, don’t you think?
By the way: If you don’t have any Big Cubes yet, then our MoYu MFJS Big Cube Bundle 8x8–11x11 or QiYi Big Cube Bundle 8x8–10x10 are perfect for you. With these bundles, you will instantly have a Big Cube in (almost) all of the available sizes!

Discover our Big Cubes

We still have room to go bigger. Who knows, maybe you’ll see a 12x12 or 13x13 speed cube here soon. No matter what, it will definitely be exciting!

A monster: the Teraminx

If you are a fan of the Megaminx cubes, then the Teraminx is the crowning glory of those twisty puzzles in our assortment. The Teraminx is also called 7x7 Megaminx. It has 12 cube faces with 7 rows per side. The number of possible combinations is simply mind-boggling!
We believe that with this cube, it is no longer about speed and more about your keen wit when it comes to the algorithms. That is why we recommend this monster for the pros!

Looming despair: shape mods that pack a punch

The shape mods category also holds a few more challenging puzzles for you. To be specific: the MoYu Puppet 2, Shengshou Gigamorphix and the MoYu MFJS MeiLong Skewb Mixup III. Take the MoYu Puppet 2, which is actually a 3x3 cube in a 2x2 cube. What’s more, all cube pieces are different which is why you sometimes can’t turn the cube the way you want. Truly a beast! With the Gigamorphix and the Skewb Mixup III, on the other hand, it’s the small pieces that will drive you crazy.

We wish you nerves of steel for these shape-shifting puzzles!

By touch: solving a speed cube blindfolded

If so far, our suggested speed cubes and shape mods have more or less caused you to doze off, we have one last cube to try to convince you still: the YJ Blind 3x3. This 3x3 cube can be solved without looking since each face has a different 3D pattern. But beware, even as a pro, you will still need quite a bit of finesse to crack this speed cube!

Did you master the YJ Blind 3x3? Then you can take it one step further by memorising the necessary patterns and algorithms and then solve a standard 3x3 speed cube blindfolded. By the way, this is also an event at WCA tournaments!

Setting new records

If you have already solved all the suggested cubes of the pros league, you can still practise and speed up your game. The main goal: world records. The current world record holders or their predecessors did it with the following speed cubes, which we also carry in our assortment:

We are constantly expanding our assortment of challenging speed cubes and cool shape-shifting puzzles. In our shop, you will always find a wide range of speed cubes to develop your (speed)solving skills. And if you want to know how other speedcubers are doing, check out the list of speedcubing blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels.