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Why am I receiving scratched stickerless speed cubes?

You may have already noticed yourself that stickerless speed cubes can be prone to scratches. Usually, it is the less expensive cubes that are affected.

Scratches likely appear and become noticeable with frequent use. But it can also happen that your speed cubes from us already have scratches when they arrive. Don’t worry; we obviously don’t send you any used cubes! Scratches on stickerless speed cubes can also be caused during production, but they don’t have any significant impact on the performance of the cubes. Therefore, we do not accept any return requests for lightly scratched puzzles. All twisty puzzles that leave our warehouse are new.
In particular, we have found that the stickerless speed cubes by YuXin often have scratches and damaged packing when they leave the factory. It results from certain manufacturing processes and the materials used for these budget cubes.
If you value speed cubes with fewer scratches, we recommend twisty puzzles with a so-called frosted stickerless surface. This type of surface is often less prone to scratches, compared to the smooth/shiny stickerless surface. In addition, buying high-quality cubes (YJ MGC, GAN etc.) also reduces the risk somewhat. However, affordable stickerless products with a frosted surface that is less susceptible to scratches do exist, such as the MeiLong speed cubes from MoYu.

So remember: As with other features, the surface differs in almost every speed cube version and everyone has to find their own perfect combination of the right look, price and desired feel.