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Why are the included instructions only in Chinese?

For some speed cubes, manufacturers include brief instructions that contain key solving sequences or solutions for the most common problems. Since the cubes are manufactured in China, these instructions are often written exclusively in Chinese. Especially with budget cubes, you may receive either no instructions at all or a manual written in Chinese. Depending on the specific puzzle, instructions may also come in two languages, meaning you will receive them in English as well. Unfortunately, we have no control over which language is chosen for the instructions included with the speed cubes.
Tip: Our product descriptions will tell you whether a manual is included and in what language it is written.
Don’t worry, you won’t have to painstakingly translate the Chinese manual with Google Translate. We’ll save you the trouble. You can also find the instructions in our paperback-sized QiYi Secret Tutorial Book:
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tutorials for various speed cubes, in English
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Did you know? We also have tutorials for you!

If you are looking for more detailed instructions, you are sure to find them in our speed cube tutorials, where we have compiled four different tutorials:

Another option: video tutorials on YouTube

You can also find detailed video instructions in various languages on YouTube. On this video platform, there are tutorials for almost any speed cube. On the channel of Pezcraft | Der etwas andere Fisch, for instance, you will find many helpful video tutorials in German for speed cubes and shape mods.