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Solving a Pyraminx

A Pyraminx is not that difficult to solve. The solution for a 3x3 magic cube is more complex than what is required here. This makes a Pyraminx ideal for beginners – though advanced players will also enjoy it. There is a reason why the Pyraminx, which is also called Pyraminx Cube, is the second most popular twisty puzzle. Only the 3x3 cube is more popular. Below we will show you tutorials you can use to quickly and easily solve the Pyraminx.
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Solving methods for beginners

If you want to finally solve your Pyraminx, then our video tutorials will be especially helpful. You will be able to solve it step by step and can pause the video if necessary. For beginners, the layer by layer method (LbL method) is easiest to learn. Depending on the specific solving technique, the sequence of individual steps can vary slightly. Nonetheless, you will get to the finish line with all of these versions. In the following video by YouTuber ‘Pezcraft’ (in German), the steps for solving the puzzle are as follows:
  • Corner and centre pieces (1. layer)
  • Edge pieces (1. layer)
  • Corner and centre pieces (remaining layers)
Using this method, it is already possible to achieve good solving times.

Solving methods for advanced cubers

Once you have mastered the LbL method for solving the Pyraminx as described above, you can move on to refining your solving skills with the following methods. We will give you an overview of some advanced solving methods.

L4E method

L4E stands for last 4 edges. First, you solve one layer but leave one edge piece unsolved. This will give you a layer with a coloured V. Next, the goal is to solve the four corner pieces – hence the name of this method.
Aside from the regular L4E method, there is also the so-called intuitive L4E method. Here, the algorithms for solving the rest of the Pyraminx after creating the V-shape are not memorised. Since this intuitive method is especially popular with speedcubers, we will show you a tutorial (in English) by YouTuber ‘Z3Cubing’.

1-flip method

The 1-flip method belongs to the so-called “top first” methods. These involve solving three edges around a centre first before finishing the Pyraminx with a set of algorithms. The 1-flip method is slightly different from the previously described sequence because at the beginning only 2 edges around a centre are solved. The third edge is flipped, hence the name “1-flip”.

Other top-first methods

Aside from the 1-flip method shown above, there are many other methods for solving the Pyraminx that match the top first pattern. These include:
  • Keyhole
  • OKA
  • Nutella
  • WO
If you want to read more about it, take a look at speedsolvingwiki.com for a detailed list of all Pyraminx methods (in English).