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Solving a Skewb

The Skewb is definitely one of the most popular types of twisty puzzle and has been permitted at WCA tournaments since 2014. Whether you are just learning how to solve a Skewb or already have had some practice: Here we will give you a summary of the different methods for solving a Skewb.

Table of Contents

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Solving methods for beginners

You can solve a Skewb even if you’ve never held a 3x3 cube in your hand before. The only important thing is that you familiarise yourself with the turns of the Skewb. To solve the Skewb with the beginner’s method, follow this sequence:
  • White side
  • Yellow corners
  • Yellow centre piece
  • Remaining centre pieces
This method is also known as Sarah’s beginner’s method. In this video (in German), YouTuber “PezCraft” gives you a step by step tutorial on how to easily solve your Skewb using this method.

Solving methods for advanced cubers

Once you have mastered the beginner method for solving the Skewb as described above, you can move on to the following advanced methods to optimise your solving skills.

Sarah's intermediate method

This method for solving the Skewb is based on the previously described method for beginners. However, the yellow corners and the yellow middle piece are solved in one step, making this method a little more efficient. The sequence is therefore as follows:
  • White side
  • Yellow side
  • Remaining centre pieces
Of course, similar to the beginner method, you don’t necessarily have to follow the colour sequence of white side first, followed by yellow. Depending on the scramble it could lend itself to start with a different colour – i.e. solve it “colour neutral”.

Other methods for solving the Skewb

Aside from the advanced techniques introduced here, there are numerous other methods as well. These include, for example:
  • Corners first method
  • Sarah's advanced method
  • Monkeydude 1313 method
If you want to read more about these and other Skewb methods, take a look at speedsolvingwiki.com for a detailed list of all Skewb methods (in English).