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Speedcubing Blogs, Podcasts and YouTube Channels

Are you new to the world of speedcubing and looking for tips from experienced speedcubers to solve cubes better and faster? Or are you an experienced speedcuber who wants to swap ideas with others on the same level as yourself? No matter the level of your cubing skills: The search for really good blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels is not always easy. We have compiled a few links to help you.


freshcuber.de (German)– Roland runs what is likely the most well-known German-speaking speedcubing blog. In his blog, he reports on topics related to speedcubing.

jaydenmcneillcubing.com (English) – The Australian speedcuber Jayden blogs and also issues a twice-weekly speedcubing newsletter.

cubeskills.com/blog (English) – The blog by speedcubing legend Feliks Zemdegs! The main focus here is not on the blog but the many tutorials and regular live streams.


FreshCuber-Podcast (German) – Roland, alias FreshCuber, does not only have a blog but he also regularly publishes varied podcasts on topics from the world of speedcubing.

The CornerCutter Podcast (English) – In his podcast, speedcuber Josh reports on speedcubing news and frequently puts out interviews with well-know speedcubers.

Dlsone Podcast (English) – Podcast by the YouTubers "DGCubes", "JRCuber", "Derpy Cuber", "Hashtag Cuber" and "TheProgrammingCuber".

YouTube channels

BoaToX – Reviews, unboxings and more.
CubaroCubing – Reviews, unboxings, "Cubetalk" and more.
freshcuber.de – Tutorials, competition reporting and more.
GerCubingTutorials – Reviews, solving videos and more.
HugaCuba – Tutorials, competition reporting and more.

CriticalCubing – Tutorials, reviews and more.
cyotheking – Solving videos and more.
Dana Yi – Reviews, tutorials, solving videos and more.
Derpy Cuber – Solving videos and more.
Feliks Zemdegs – Solving videos and more.
Hashtag Cuber – Reviews, solving videos, competition reporting and more.
Jayden McNeill – Solving videos and more.
J Perm – Tutorials, reviews, solving videos and more.
JRCuber – Unboxings, solving videos, competition reporting and more.
Kian Mansour – Solving videos and more.
Max Park – Solving videos and more.
Paradox Cubing – Tutorials, reviews and more.
SpeedCubeReview – Tutorials, unboxings and more.
TCKyewbs – Unboxings and more.
UberCuber – Unboxings, solving videos and more.
Valk Cubing – Solving videos and more.
Z3Cubing – Unboxings, solving videos and more.

Anyone missing from this list? Contact us by e-mail through social media – we are looking forward to your suggestions.