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Speed cubes 2x2: The pocket cubes

The 2x2 magic cube is the little brother of the classic 3x3 speed cube. These 2x2 cubes are suitable for beginners as well as more advanced cubers and offer mental stimulation for young and old. The 2x2 cubes are also known as pocket cubes because of their size. They are great as a gift or to keep you busy during boring car or train rides, for example.

Even though the 2x2 cube has fewer pieces than the classic 3x3 magic cube, don’t underestimate the task of placing the cubies in the correct position. With this iconic game, fascination and frustration often go hand in hand. By the way, you can also find matching accessories for your new 2x2 cube in our online shop.

Did you know that the current world record for solving the mini cube stands at an unimaginable 0.49 seconds?

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