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Speed cubes 3x3: The classics

The 3x3 speed cube is the classic among the magic cubes. Starting in the 1980s, it created a craze and still trains the concentration as well as spatial and logical thinking of cubers today. There are billions of possible combinations but only one correct solution.
The 3x3 speed cube is therefore suitable for beginners as well as already advanced players. They are perfect as a gift, for the advent calendar or as raffle prizes for kids and adults alike. And of course, we also have matching accessories for your new cube. Fun fact: The world record for the 3x3 cube stands at an unbelievable 3.47 seconds!

Material and characteristics:

  • All of our 3x3 cubes are made of non-toxic durable ABS plastic.
  • In our shop, you can find both stickerless as well as black (stickered) magic cubes.
  • For the correct finetuning we can offer you speed cubes with either screws or magnets for adjusting the precision and speed.

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