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GAN356 XS 3x3

magnetic speed cube, stickerless

Item number CL-42
Unit of Sale 1 piece
Brand: GAN
1 pc. 59.90 CHF ea.
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59.90 CHF

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With the GAN356 XS, GAN has produced an absolute top-class magnetic speed cube. As a successor to the GAN356 X, the GAN356 XS features a few innovations and optimisations:

  • With only 67 grams, it is a true lightweight
  • Equipped with GMS v2 (GAN magnetic system), making it possible to set the magnetic force of each magnet by hand
  • Has the so-called GES Pro Dual Elasticity System, comprised of “numerical variable nuts” (blue nuts), “6 Levels Tension Nuts” (transparent nuts) and a “Dual Numerical IPG Core” (the core of the cube)
  • The stickerless version is frosted to prevent fingerprints or scratches

The GAN356 XS is very comfortable to hold and turns incredibly fast and quietly. Corner cutting is absolutely no problem and this cube is also extremely pop-resistant. Thanks to two different nuts hidden underneath the middle pieces, as well as the built-in magnets, you can adjust the cube precisely to your specific needs. As is the case with other GAN speed cubes, the GAN356 XS also has a honeycomb contact surface on the inside of the cubelets. This ensures an even distribution of the silicone oil.

The GAN3556 XS, truly a premium speed cube. There is a reason, why so many professional speedcubers choose this model as their main cube. Are you ready for the GAN356 XS?

Included in the delivery: GAN356 XS 3x3, adjustment tool, GAN storage box, GAN cube bag, 6 GES screws, user manual for GMS and GES (in English), solutions booklet (in English).

Technical data

Article ID CL-42
EAN 7640172691700
Model GAN356 XS
Length 56 mm
Material ABS
Suitable for 4 years
Surface Stickerless
Colour Bright
Magnet type Standard
Product type 3x3
Weight 67 g


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